Greetings! Welcome to my website and blog! My name is Deirdre Westerhoff, and I have had Alpha-Gal, the tick-associated allergic syndrome, since at least Spring 2011. Through blogging, I share my research and experiences of living with Alpha-Gal set in an “A through Z” type format. Additionally, this alphabetical listing features categories and sub-categories covering a wide variety of topics, from the emotional standpoint of now facing a life-changing diagnosis to understanding the myriad of symptoms anaphylaxis can present as, learning to listen to your body, deciphering labels, hidden ingredients and the basics of day-to-day life. This also includes links to products that I have personally discovered to be suitable for those with Alpha-Gal, research articles, recipes of my own as well as others that are all free of mammalian, dairy and carrageenan derivatives. With my blog, it is my hope and goal to spread awareness, to reach out and to help those with Alpha-Gal from the newly diagnosed to those caring for someone to those who are long-time afflicted like me and to those who are interested in learning more about having and living with Alpha-Gal, all in an easy to read, user friendly setting from A to Z! So sit back, breathe, keep a notebook or journal handy, and please remember to be gentle on yourself or your loved one, realizing you are not alone on this journey with Alpha-Gal.

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